World facing ‘catastrophic consequences’ over looming water shortages

“World facing ‘catastrophic consequences’ over looming water shortages” is a factual article (however it does include some opinions from the author) published by Natural News: Natural Health News & Scientific Discoveries.
This article starts out by describing the importance and value of water calling it “the world’s most precious resource.”   It then goes on to describe the looming possibility of running out of this essential resource. There are three main causes of the depleting supply of fresh water. These causes are climate change, pollution, and overuse of resources. The opinion of the author is that the government should begin to ration water now before we begin to see consequences of our carelessness. 4.5 billion people live near a water source that is impaired or may run out soon if actions are not taken. Because populations are growing so quickly water supplies which are already dropping may not be able to keep up with this rapid growth. This article makes it clear that water is not as abundant as most people seem to think and sometime soon in the future people will be forced to realize that.

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