FLOW: Summary

FLOW or for the love of water is a documentary about the crisis we are facing involving the limited supply of fresh water on earth. It shows various examples of ways that humans continue to deplete this source and the effect that this limited supply is having on people. Though this film features experts on this crisis it seems to be one sided in the case of only showing the opinions of people being effected by companies such as nestle polluting the water and not the opinions of the companies themselves.

One topic of the documentary that really struck me was the discussion of a river in Bolivia. This river is completely red with blood due to an upstream slaughterhouse dumping animal remains into it. People who depended on this river for a fresh water supply are now forced to find new sources. Rather than trying to clean up this mess the government just covers it with concrete.

Problems like the red river in Bolivia do not only happen in other countries. Companies like Nestle, Pepsi, and Coca Cola are polluting water here in the U.S. everyday. There are also chemicals in water here that are banned in other countries. These chemicals enter our bodies not only through drinking water but also through showering.

I thought that despite a level of bias FLOW was a very informative film. It got it’s point across and really impacted the viewer. I liked the way it showed examples of the effects of how oblivious people are to the importance of clean water from not only other countries but the U.S. too. This film is educational and entertaining at the same time which is hard to come across. I would definitely recommend watching it.

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