Final Project Summary!

The idea of adding fluoride to a communities water supply or water fluoridation has been a controversial issue since the practice began. Fluoridation is very beneficial to dental health, particularly for those who do not receive regular dental care, however there are many risks that have been associated with it.

In my paper I talked about both sides of the fluoridation debate. The main benefit of water fluoridation is the drop in the average amount of cavities. This is because fluoride causes a molting on teeth which makes them stronger against decay. A study done in Brazil showed that in a fluoridated area 0% of children had 11-15 cavities while in a non fluoridated area 20% had 11-15 cavities. However, some studies show that children are being overexposed to fluoride which is causing dental fluorosis to sky rocket. The main argument against water fluoridation is ethics. A great number of people believe that when the government adds fluoride to our water they are medicating us against our will.

In my opinion the benefits of water fluoridation cannot be ignored and overall fluoridation is a good notion. It is sometimes viewed as unethical however, I think that because fluoride is already naturally in the water and has no proven harmful effects if a community votes to fluoridate it is ethically fair.


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