Final Project Summary!

The idea of adding fluoride to a communities water supply or water fluoridation has been a controversial issue since the practice began. Fluoridation is very beneficial to dental health, particularly for those who do not receive regular dental care, however there are many risks that have been associated with it.

In my paper I talked about both sides of the fluoridation debate. The main benefit of water fluoridation is the drop in the average amount of cavities. This is because fluoride causes a molting on teeth which makes them stronger against decay. A study done in Brazil showed that in a fluoridated area 0% of children had 11-15 cavities while in a non fluoridated area 20% had 11-15 cavities. However, some studies show that children are being overexposed to fluoride which is causing dental fluorosis to sky rocket. The main argument against water fluoridation is ethics. A great number of people believe that when the government adds fluoride to our water they are medicating us against our will.

In my opinion the benefits of water fluoridation cannot be ignored and overall fluoridation is a good notion. It is sometimes viewed as unethical however, I think that because fluoride is already naturally in the water and has no proven harmful effects if a community votes to fluoridate it is ethically fair.



Research Paper Progress!

So far in my research paper on water fluoridation I have chosen my topic, narrowed down my topic down, researched my topic, written an outline, and written a rough draft. All I have left to do now is clean up some grammatical errors, get my citations in order, write a conclusion and add in a few more graphs to make my point more clear.

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Employment History

I was employed part time at Little Caesars Pizza in Winchester, Va for about six months before I had to quit because of relocation.

I have had multiple babysitting jobs, one of these included taking care of two elementary school aged girls full time during the summer while there mother was at work.



I graduated in 2013 from Clarke County High School with honors as well as receiving a General Education Certificate from Lord Fairfax Community College in 2013 through dual enrollment.

I am currently enrolled in University of Mary Washington as a second semester freshman and hope to graduate in 2017. I have not yet defined my major but I hope to by the end of next school year.


Historic Preservation: Building Description

Lewis Store, which is located on 1200 Caroline street is a primarily brick, three bay Georgian style establishment. Though this dwelling is currently 2.5 stories when it was originally built in 1749 it was only 1.5 stories. The second story was added in 1807  while the building was being restored due to damage done by a fire. Lewis Store is located on the corner of East Caroline and Lewis Streets with the primary elevation on East Caroline Street and the secondary elevation on Lewis Street.

Lewis store is rectangular in shape and relatively small. The windows and doors of the building are laid out symmetrically. Though Lewis store is mainly brick there are wood frames surrounding the windows. The bricks on the primary and secondary elevations are laid in a flemish-bond pattern. However on the gable they are laid in an english-bond pattern. One interesting features of the structure are the quoins. The quoins are rather large and appear to be made of sand stone and end four layers of brick before the roof begins.
There is one brick exterior end chimney situated on the rear of Lewis store.  The structure has a very uniform front gable roof, which has a white wooden frame around the the outside and gutters around the sides. The doors of the structure are located in the center of both the primary and secondary elevations. They are both flush doors, made of wood, painted white and slightly indented into the wall. Both doors also have a five panel transom above them. However, the primary elevation door differs from that of the secondary elevation due to the jack arch situated above it.
All of the windows are double hung with white wood frames and no glaze, shutters, or blinds. The windows of the primary elevation, first story are on either side of the door and are both nine over six. Just like the door on this elevation both windows have jack arches above them. The second story, primary elevation windows are lined up with those of the first story however, both of these double hung widows are six over six just like the attic window which is centered in-between and above the second story windows. The windows of the first story second elevation follow the same pattern as the primary elevation with 9 over 6 double hung windows on either side of the door. On the second story of this elevation there are three windows which are symmetrically positioned with one directly above the door and the other two in line with the windows below them.
Because, the building is located on a hill in order to reach the door on the primary elevation there are two stone steps with a metal hand railing on the right side. Lewis store appears to be holding up exceptionally for it’s 206 years. However, some of the sandstone quoins are becoming worn out and look as though they will eventually need repair along with some of the bricks. This property characterizes the georgian style perfectly with it’s gable roof, symmetry, transoms, and double hung windows.